If you are looking for a wedding theme that it is a bit quirky, fun and eccentric, you have come to the right place! This section offers a wide range of delightful styles for the bride who loves individuality, from circus and retro 60s, to a sleek Palm Beach wedding celebration.

  1. Jessica + Billy

    Walking into the Caribbean Motel, with it's plastic palms, leopard-print furniture and bamboo bar, Jessica and Billy knew this was the perfect spot to tie the knot.
  2. Lush Glamour

    Tropical glamour meets 70s retro in this mash up by photographer Bec Essery and stylist The Wedding Designer, where lush, rich greens and tarnished metallic tones create a beautiful backdrop…
  3. Woodland wonder

    35mm Wedding Photography takes us into the woods for this styled shoot featuring the designs of Karen Willis Holmes, where elements of the natural woodland surrounds clad the bride gently…