Rozzy + Jonny



I tricked her into dressing up for a fancy dessert night with friends, but instead I sent my best friend to pick her up in a fancy car and drop her off at Glenrock. Under the cloud-covered (but moonlit) night, she walked down a trail in Glenrock Reserve lit with signs hanging from the trees of all the places in the world I was going to take her. The trail lead to a small clearing lit with coloured lights in the trees, soft music, a rug, table and chairs, and a picnic basket of treats to enjoy. I stood there suited up next to a hanging sign that read “Marry me”, and dropped to one knee as she rounded the bend into the clearing. I held out a 20c multicoloured ring we had found at a second-hand shop to pop on her finger. We danced and drank chocolate milk and cried with overwhelmed joy until it poured with rain and we got absolutely soaked. It was a magical night of adventure.

We are a couple of wild at heart, adventurous big kids. We are treasure hunters in a way. We love a good yard sale bargain but also love the treasures only found in unexplored places, within the hearts of people that not everyone finds and eternal hidden treasures.
A day “garage saling” with a stop for some fresh scones Rozzy just whipped up, then bike riding and exploring off the beaten track, with a backpack of snacks, followed by a movie, pizza and a snuggle sounds like a dream. We both love Jesus, people, and seeing this magnificent world God has created. We also love anything North American and plan to adventure there together. We love playing ice hockey together or going on late night bike rides under the stars and collecting coins in our jar for our pet squirrel one day.
We are not your typical “30-somethings”, and that’s just how we like it. We plan on riding at least one carousel a year and chasing moose and grizzly bears in the wild as often as we can.

I pledge to honour and encourage you in every area of our lives together.
I promise to honour, respect and shower you in love.
I promise to work at our love, to treasure you and always make you a priority in my life.
I promise to never flirt with, lust after or desire the attention of anyone other than you. I promise to protect our marriage from outside influences.
I promise to never expect a 50/50 marriage.
I promise to make the gospel the mission of our marriage, and God’s word its foundation. I promise to stand by you in all circumstances, praying for you always.
I promise to love who you are today, not who I want you to be.
I promise to forgive you in the same way Jesus has forgiven me and to do everything in my power to restore any brokenness that may occur.
I promise to be for you, to see you flourish into the courageous woman of God He created you to be.
I promise to encourage the dreams God has placed in your heart so that together, we can accomplish more than we could alone.
I promise to never complain about our marriage to you or to anyone else.
I promise to surround our marriage with a community of Christians who will love and support us.
I promise to believe that the best is yet to come, regardless of how sweet the joys or dark the valleys are today.
I promise to laugh with you and cry with you, to grow together in mind and spirit, to be open and honest with you.
I promise to cherish you for the treasure you are to my world.
I promise to surrender my heart to the Lord constantly in order to foster humility of heart as a keystone of our marriage.
With Christ at the centre of our lives,
These things I vow and promise.

When you start a journey with nothing but a promise—to stand here beside you seven years later is like a dream within a dream. You are the best friend I’ve always wanted and now we get to adventure this life together. I hope we never lose our child-like love for the world, seeing it for all its possibilities. I hope we love generously and give willingly to each other and others. I hope our home is always home to others and filled with joy and grace. My prayer is that every day we love Jesus more, love each other more and love others more. I hope that our marriage is evidence that promises are for life and non-negotiable because working through the junk in our lives is so worth the treasures when we haven’t given up in the process. I hope when we are 90 we are still bike riding under the stars thankful for every mountain of life we climbed hand in hand! Love you to the moon and back.

Wow! Day one of the greatest adventure of our lives! Mountains to climb, valleys to navigate, rivers to cross, and there’s no greater partner in crime than you to have beside me. I’ve always been just a “big kid at heart” and I’m so blessed that God picked out the most perfect “big kid at heart” to join me! I can’t wait to adventure with you through all of life’s highs and lows, growing deeper and deeper in love, humility and understanding as we conquer every new hurdle and receive every new blessing. Your wild, dreaming heart entwines perfectly with mine and I can’t wait as we hold on tight and chase the dreams placed in our hearts. I love you forever!



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