The Edgy and Beautiful Bride – Valentines Day Inspiration!


Happy Valentines Day lovers!! We think this holiday is so fun, quirky and sweet – so today we’re going to forget the haters and celebrate with this gorgeously unique styled shoot that proves you can be an individual, with the right mix of edgy and beautiful! Captured by Peppermint Photography, this shoot has everything from bomb leather jackets, a vintage ride, cake (enough said) and sweet moments of intimacy between the couple! 

When we received this shoot, we loved the words that came with it:

When planning your wedding you can literally do whatever you want. It’s your wedding. When couples make the day their own, when they are authentically themselves and have some fun- their photos are then special and unique too.

Your wedding is about celebrating your love and why you can’t live without each other.

It’s about being on fire for one another and why you make each other better.

It’s about doing whatever the hell you want to for your wedding and nothing short of that!


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