Jessica + Billy


Walking into the Caribbean Motel, with it’s plastic palms, leopard-print furniture and bamboo bar,  Jessica and Billy knew this was the perfect spot to tie the knot. ‘I’ve always been a big fan of mid-century modern design, 1950s-60s Americana, kitsch and Tiki. I grew up watching Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and John Waters’ films which celebrated the odd and unusual. Billy grew up in the punk scene of the 1970s-80s and has a similar appreciation for this kind of aesthetic. I wanted this to shine through but with a bit more glam, so I added gold, gold and more gold! The flowers were tropical inspired to go with the tiki theme. Some of the centrepieces were in custom-made bamboo vases and others were in white and gold planters. I spent a lot of time at the Jersey Shore as a kid, and knew it was where I wanted to get married.’ Forged in the North reflected the couple perfectly and each unique moment of their day.





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