Topical Botanic + Boho Dream Wedding (with tons of pineapples!)


Nic + Paul are the kind of couple who would opt for a piñata over a wedding cake, a baby pineapple bouquet over flowers, Hawaiian vinyl over acoustics, and to top it off a sand dune sunset. This wedding, captured with absolute perfection by Ben Adams, is the epitome of tropical botanic, a fun Hawaiian themed wedding with boho details (like her stunning Spell Designs gown!) with styling + florals by The Wedding Designers! And it’s worth scrolling to the end to see one of the most beautiful sunsets EVER (and at a sand dune? Yes please!).

What do you love most about each other?

Paul – how much she cares about others. Her interest in understanding things, curiosity, thirst for knowledge – and her drive to be physically fit, this is very motivating to me – I like that she knows how to reward herself and I love that she always tries to live for today.

Nic – Paul’s kindness, and listening ability – he takes onboard constructive criticism and really makes efforts to improve himself and grow – he inspires me to do the same. And he can make a joke out of anything.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day?

From inside the house, watching our friends arrive as they had a few drinks and listened to Hawaiian vinyl tunes before the ceremony. And then, bouncing out together to our ceremony to Skee-Lo’s I Wish – I’ll admit it is a bit of a random walk-down-the-aisle song, but it made us laugh and dance, and it set the scene perfectly for a super fun day. Paul had only just started walking again 5 days before the wedding (after a gnarly ankle smashing accident a few months before), so having him walk the aisle with me and high five our celebrant was even more amazing.

Also, we loved the legendary Adam from Vintage Stylus took us on a pure vinyl music evolution from Hawaiian chill, through soul, funk, 80s hip hop, classic beats and finished it off with a bit of Underworld rave.

What is marriage to you?

“Marriage is an opportunity to celebrate what is truly special about one another and what makes us special together. It’s a public way to declare that throughout the good, the bad, the tough, we will be beside each other on life’s rollercoaster.” Paul


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