A Spell Vow Renewal: Isabella + Dougall


In true rock star form, Isabella and Dougall made their way to Las Vegas to renew their vows, with their boys, Texas and Jagger, in tow. Picture bright lights, a hot-pink cadillac and words of love exchanged in front of an Elvis impersonator. Read on to find out more about their retro-inspired vow renewal.

1. Was renewing your vows a spontaneous or planned ceremony? When we were booking in our 50 day road trip around USA, we decided to fly straight into Vegas. My husband researched extensively, booking in 50 days of travel and accommodation when he came across the gorgeous little Vegas chapel and suggested we do it. I of course jumped at the chance to renew our vows, WITH ELVIS! What better way?! And wow, was it worth doing—it was one of the highlights of our entire trip!

2. Was there something that sparked the idea to do it in the first place? No not really—Dougall just came across it on his researching missions, and thought it would be fun. We love dressing up and doing fun novelty things so it felt very natural to us!

3. Why did you pick Vegas? It was a great place to start our road trip. We had already done LA, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree, so we bypassed LA completely and went straight to Vegas. We had not been there together so it felt nice to go somewhere new. It really is the best place to start a road trip … heading to Route 66, Selignam, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley—it was an amazing drive through the desert!

4. What was the most unforgettable part of the whole day? The whole thing really! As soon as they picked us up in the limousine, it was just so special … but I guess if I had to pick a moment, it would have been when Elvis was talking during the ceremony and saying all these special, amazing words of wisdom about love and how far we have come. I looked at him and said, “Damn right, Elvis! Wow that is so true, thank you!”. Having both our boys there watching us was very special too! Texas, our six-year-old, signed the witness certificate with his perfect handwriting which made us so proud! Another special moment was having Elvis serenade us! We loved posing for all the pictures afterwards, as the Little Vegas Chapel had so many amazing 70s motel backdrops!

5. Do you feel that renewing your vows re-affirmed your relationship or helped it grow? Oh, of course! It totally reignited our love for each other and really made us see how far we have come in our relationship and in our lives. We were so loved up afterwards—it definitely brought us closer together as a couple and as a family.

6. Was it just your family at the ceremony? It was so special just having our two boys there and no-one else; it was like a secret little ceremony all to ourselves! Just to be in the moment with each other and feel the love between us all. But it would have also been really fun having a few friends and family there too … maybe all dressed up in 70s outfits or something! Then go and celebrate afterwards at a casino bar somewhere, haha!

7. What have you learnt about marriage? That marriage is about having a life partner, to enjoy things with, to have a family, and stick by each other, and just flow with the changes that may come up. It’s really special to have someone that love you no matter what, and to appreciate that love between you. It’s a very lucky thing if you find someone to spend your life with. So I really want to make the best life I can for us all.


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