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White is an independent wedding and marriage publication and blog, which was brought to life by newlyweds Carla & Luke Burrell ten years ago in Newcastle, near Sydney on the East Coast of Australia.

We are a small, but incredibly committed and passionate team who have perfected the art of being able to produce and deliver a lovingly designed, meaningful print publication, as well as an inspirational blog and comprehensive wedding vendor directory that offers a place for our industry’s finest to shine.

We saw the need to bring something deeply meaningful and positive into the wedding space. As we observed all the beautiful and the difficult things in the marriages and relationships around us, we wanted to create something that would help bring it all back to the heart and the lasting commitment made on the wedding day, rather than purely the ‘shimmer and shine’. Don’t get us wrong, we love beautiful weddings and the way they express a couple’s identity; we love the fun and the romance and the extravagance, we love the excitement of planning each gorgeous detail, but not to the extent that the details overwhelm the purpose: the lasting commitment.

White bridges the gap between the wedding and the marriage to create something so much more than just another bridal magazine.