Fairytale Wedding In Germany


This wedding is a captivating display of the way nature is the best backdrop of all on a wedding day. Married by a lake, surrounded by mountains and the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle of Germany, Daniel and Cathinka’s wedding brought people together from all over the world. Romantic and minimal, they made their own arch out of driftwood and for their reception collected leaves, trees and bark. We were most captivated by the stolen moments underneath a pink sky – captured beautifully by Mallory Sparkles Photography.

We’re very passionate about marriage, and love when a couple is all about preparing for marriage over preparing just for a wedding. Daniel and Cathinka are deeply in love, and when they shared their heart with us about marriage it was incredible:

Nowadays marriage often gets treated like a contract. Everything revolves around what partners can get from each other to fill their own needs. If someone´s need isn´t met anymore then they just cancel the contract. We believe that marriage is a gift from God that represents covenant. A covenant to us means to commit to each other before God and to serve each other faithfully for the rest of our lives. It´s not about what you can get anymore, but how much you can give to the person you love. We know that we can´t fulfill this commitment by  ourselves, but that we´re in need of a love that is bigger than human understanding. That is why our faith in God is the center of our relationship; through His perfect love we are able to love each other and remain faithful side by side. 


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