Completely DIY Country wedding (with bell tents!)


Will and Sarah’s three day glamping wedding festival was a DIY dream! Surrounded by cotton and wheat fields in the middle of Australia, wedding guests were treated to bell top tent accommodation, fresh farm buffet meals, even fireworks!

Captured by Cherrie from Acoma Photography, the theme was an outback safari adventure, and completely DIY. Will and Sarah kept everything kept simple yet elegant. Besides the bell tents, they had an outdoor parlour for ladies to glam up. Everyone pitched in, their nearest and dearest playing a part in the whole weekend. One friend spent a whole day making the biggest pot of berry compote I have ever seen for our glampers breakfasts! What a legend!

How did you know your partner was the one?

The first time I took him home to the farm, my home, where I grew up, where we got married. I saw a different side of him, as he did of me, I think I am always so relaxed in this special place and he was too, he found everything so interesting, saw all the beauty I could see. He would talk for hours with my Dad, I think that was it, the way he respected and admired my family and my home. It just felt so natural to have him there.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day?

Saying our vows. They were almost identical, god we laughed. (and cried)

What is marriage to you?

I believe marriage is about connecting two people who are engrained in each others purpose with a significant declaration. A wedding is a public commitment to each other about two people saying to their friends and family “hey, we are doing this thing called life, together, hold us to it!” It’s an celebratory occasion of accountability and love. Marriage is saying to each other, “I choose you. I choose you because without you, life wouldn’t be as meaningful.”


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