Their Dream Elopement in Santorini


We decided together that to be truly present in the moment, it simply had to be just us two. No guests, wedding day checklist, or any other distractions that would overshadow our new union.

Will + Janice spent 10 beautiful years together before deciding to elope under the sunset in Santorini, Greece. Captured by Days Made Of Love, we were captivated by the beauty of simplicity and the emotional moments. Take the gorgeous white tones of the island, mixed with an emotional vow exchange and gorgeous portraits under a pink sun, this elopement was what dreams are made of!

My favorite part of the wedding was seeing the look on Will’s face after our first look. I never felt more beautiful.

Jan loves the beauty of simplicity. Her wedding style and theme was to keep things as simple as possible. Her day to day style and approach to everything is very minimalistic, so she wanted to incorporate that to our day to ensure their love is what shined!

Marriage to me is the commitment to love without condition and merge your souls as one. You’re giving someone your entire heart, love, and life which is a sacrifice that requires the deepest love. 



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