Bohemian elopement at Joshua Tree


Whisking themselves, along with their closest friends and family, away to the beautiful Palm Desert was the perfect option for Mick and Abby’s elopement. They rented a gorgeous, mid-century home for all of them to stay in over three days, so their wedding was full of swimming, playing games, and sitting under the stars by the fire each night.

Mick and Abby kept their ceremony simple, using the natural scenery of the Live Oak national park as the backdrop to their “I dos”. Read more of their sweet wedding story, and find out more about the couple below, with photography by Mikayla Herrick.

Tell us about your proposal Mick, his dad, and his friends spent weeks transforming the inside of his parent’s garage into an amazing (and very unexpected) venue. Mick led me out to show me an “antique” he had found for his grandpa. Imagine my surprise when I realised that the garage was not the garage at all, but a beautiful gazebo draped in white fabric, twinkling lights, greenery and sweet photos of all our years together! I never saw it coming.

How did you know your partner was the one? I knew Mick was the one not long after we met. We quickly became so close and I never wanted to spend a minute apart. He made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I could no longer imagine life without him by my side.

What do you love most about your partner? I love Mick’s optimism and sweetness. I don’t think he has a negative bone in his body. He is purely kind, radiates love and warmth, and is such a beam of light to everyone in his life.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? My favourite part of the wedding day was sharing our vows with each other. We each wrote our own – I remember just looking at Mick while reading my promises to him and realising that I get to spend forever with my best friend. That’s when it truly felt real, and I was just elated.

What is marriage to you? Marriage is so many things, but ultimately I think the core of it is just promising your heart to someone and letting them know that they will never have to face anything alone again. That you will always be there for them no matter where life takes you two. I think if we remember that, we can face the world together.


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