Moody Winery Wedding with Rustic Styling


Vines and flowers, lush greenery and dreamy fairy lights – this rustic winery wedding has some of the best mood and vibe we’ve seen in a long time! Captured perfectly by Tomek Photography, Trang + Terence’s wedding took place under cloudy skies in the Barossa Valley. Looking gorgeous in her Made With Love Bridal gown, it was Trang’s dream come true – with garlands and lights overhanging them in the reception, the florals + styling by Viva the Flower Store had us all swooning!

We talked with the bride about her day and heard some of their story!

Tell us about your proposal! I had a suspicion that something was going on, but after coming back from a 5 week trip to Japan still not engaged, I accepted that I’d just have to wait a little longer. Life continued and I went back to work as an xray tech. He came in one day with complaints of a sore wrist. To my surprise (but my colleagues’ conspiring knowledge), as the image came up, there was a scribble of metal wire bent into the words “Marry Me?” and a ring next to it!

How did you know he was the one? We do everything together and we never get tired of each other’s company. He makes me laugh at his goofiness and he misses me if I’ve been out all day. He makes me feel a warmth that is indescribable, and he is fiercely protective. But above all, I can see his love for me growing everyday.

What do you love most about him? Sometimes I would catch him mid-stare, even when I’m doing something really mundane. He would always tell me I’m beautiful – and it wouldn’t matter if I’m dressed up with heels and lipstick, or red-faced with sweaty matted hair. He vowed that he would catch a grenade for me – and I believe him.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? The photo session with Tomek was so much fun! I felt amazing in my dress, with my long flowy veil and my beautiful flowers in hand – and the handsome man I just married! Saltram winery was a perfect backdrop to our photos (although, Tomek can make magic happen anywhere). My favourite part though, was when Tomek challenged our adventurous side – we climbed a barbed wire fence (lace dress, heels and all!!), walked up to the top of a hill, cuddled in the sleeting rain and wind as the storm clouds rolled in. I was cold and wet, with muddy shoes and a forest of twigs in my dress, but it was beautiful, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What is marriage to you? Marriage is the ultimate commitment, and also the ultimate sacrifice. It’s a lifetime commitment to love someone without conditions, to travel through life as two halves of one whole.


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