The rustic tent wedding of Kate + Johan


This bohemian wedding celebration emanates a rural chic spirit, and is full of communal vibes. Kate and Johan wanted a day that catered to their nearest and dearest, with a laidback structure and plenty to keep their guests entertained, such as a photobooth, a kids corner, foosball table, bonfire and a DJ mixing vinyls! Find out more about this delightful pair below, and see more from their day with shots by Coralie Monnet.

Tell us about your proposal. The proposal was very simple yet romantic. Johan built a house that we moved into one year prior to the proposal, and because every year we can’t spend Christmas together, we have our little ritual where we celebrate Christmas just the two of us. This year he seemed to put a lot of effort into cooking a delicious meal while I was watching my yearly ritual, “Love actually”. Right before the dessert we exchanged gifts and under the Christmas tree was a small box with the most beautiful ring. I was so excited that without him having time to pop the question I had already put the ring on my finger!

How did you know your partner was the one? From the moment we met everything was simple, smooth and we were always on the same page. It just felt comfortable and natural from the start. Even after all these years we have been together I miss him when we are apart, even if it’s only for 24 hours!

What do you love most about your partner? Johan: How much she cares about others. Her drive, curiosity and thirst for discovery. She is someone full of life and always up for new adventures. Kate: Johan’s kindness and sensitivity, his sense of humour and how he manages to “de-dramatise” every situation and makes me laugh each time I face a stressful situation.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? We decided that Johan would meet me at home to have an intimate moment, just the two of us, where he would discover me in my dress right before the ceremony. That first glance and look on his face is a memory I will never forget. He is someone not very expressive and seeing his eyes sparkle was very touching.

What is marriage to you? For me, marriage is a commitment you make to the love of your life and best friend. It’s having someone next to you for the good times and bad, someone you can count on and will always be there. A marriage takes a lot of hard work and patience, and you make a vow to never give up on your partner. It’s also creating a solid base and looking into the future together. But the wedding is also a big party with all of our friends! Having friends flying from all over the world, Taiwan, USA, just for you is so overwhelming!


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