Reception Inspiration – Jaw Dropping Floral Design!


Prepare for a floral dream of a wedding, celebrating the love between Jess + Adric under rainy skies and a gorgeous forest. Captured by Liz Jorquera and decked with the incredible florals from Una Events, this wedding tells the story of a day with beauty and intentionality. Make sure you scroll to the end to feast your eyes on their reception!

Jess + Adric think marriage is “a promise of endless love. It’s about being completely vulnerable and raw to another person, allowing them to see you from every angle and love you unconditionally. Being a team and encouraging each other to continue to grow as individuals as well as a unit. Being each others greatest supporters with success and failures.”

We asked them what they love most about each other, and their answers were so sweet we HAD to share them:

“I love everything that makes him, him. I love the way he loves me so unconditionally. I love the love he has for his family and those close to him. I love that no matter what he never fails to make me laugh/smile everyday. I love that he keeps me grounded and supports all my decisions. I love that on the days when I don’t love myself he reminds me of my self worth and what I mean to him.  I love the way he’ll do what ever he can for someone in need without hesitation and expectation. I love that I get to spend the rest of my life loving him. I just love him!” // JESS

“EVERYTHING! She is absolutely beautiful. I love the way her face lights up when she smiles, her big brown eyes and her multiple laughs. She is kind and gentle and loves being silly. She is always there to listen when i need someone to talk to. She supports me in everything I do and she makes me laugh everyday without fail. I love the way she makes me fall in love with her more and more everyday.” // ADRIC


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