Elegant London Wedding (with a colour palette to die for)


Marriage is always a miracle, a masterpiece. We don’t know how exactly it will look like but we know the whole process will be beautiful.

On a rainy day in the stunning countryside of England, Paz and Matt celebrated their love nestled in an eighteenth-century manor house with the wedding gown, florals and decor giving the most beautiful colour palette! Captured by the talented Gloria Byler, we fell in love with this elegant wedding!

After a surprise proposal in Rome, Paz and Matt planned their elegant wedding at Northbrook Park in southern England to be a gorgeous celebration of marriage.

Bohemian met historic elegance with the sweet ceremony in the enormous country estate, and other personal touches like centerpieces that held pictures of their grandparents, parents and other family members.

The Bride had some beautiful words to say about marriage:

“It is impossible to know every single detail or part of the character of the person that you marry. That’s why I find incredibly beautiful that although circumstances around you will change, you both will change and your love will change; you will live it all together. In this society of “fast food” concepts, individualism and loneliness, I find the whole concept of marriage contra intuitive and at the same time beautiful for the commitment that it requires. Marriage is about experiencing love in its many dimensions.

Marriage is definitively about learning to love wholeheartedly.”



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