Outdoor Bohemian Teepee Wedding


A bohemian celebration in a teepee under the stars – Denise + David’s outdoor wedding was relaxed, timeless and so sweetly moving. It felt like a huge backyard style celebration, dotted with dairy lights and hay bales. At 20 weeks pregnant, Denise looked effortlessly beautiful in a Grace Loves Lace gown, and we were losing it over the sweet photos of her and David with their growing baby boy. Captured by the incredible Janneke Storm, we couldn’t wait to share this one with you, in hopes of inspiring brides toward more joyous wedding days!

We talked with Denise about their love story and HAD to share it! So sit back and enjoy the love:

THE PROPOSAL / It was a genuine huge surprise, I had no idea it was coming. He hadn’t told anyone, not even my sisters! We had been travelling around the USA together. Initially, he’d tried to propose while we were in New York. Every day while we were in New York he’d mention this helicopter ride that went around the city. Our friend and I kept blowing the idea off as we had so many other things to do while we were there and just thought that David was being obsessed with air crafts (like he normally is). When we got to Palm Springs, he kept insisting we go on this cable cart ride that takes you up this mountain 8,516ft, apparently the world’s largest rotating tram. We figured seeing as he didn’t get his helicopter ride we’d go on the cable cart. It was really amazing and I would have appreciated it more, had we not had a big weekend of partying in Palm Springs prior. When we got to the top, David was looking for me and asking our friends, “where did Denise go!?”. I had disappeared to the canteen to find hangover food. By the time David found me (he looked so worried), it was time to go back down the mountain. I couldn’t understand what the fuss was, all I wanted was hot chips! We walked to the car at the bottom of the mountain and got in the backseat together with three other friends in the car. I looked to my right to look at David and he was sitting in the backseat with the ring box open looking at me. I screamed – I was in complete shock. He said, “I’ve been trying to ask you this whole trip, the helicopter in New York, the mountain top here and if I don’t ask you now it will be at In and Out Burger or the Airport. Will you marry me?”. The proposal was a beautiful disaster; I couldn’t love him more for it. Totally our style.

THE ROMANCE / There was never a definitive moment when I realised he was the one. It just always felt right from the very beginning. Our love is easy and we rarely fight. I’d never met anyone like him before and I had never felt such unconditional love and support before. I always felt, and still do, so lucky to be with him. It was pretty early on when Dave told me he’d happily spend the rest of his life with me, so I guess from then on there was a mutual understanding that we were building a future together.

THE WEDDING / As I was 20 weeks pregnant at our wedding, I was of course completely sober, so the best part of that is I got to really absorb every little detail of the day. The best thing about this was seeing how much fun all of my favourite people were having. But I have to say, Speeches are the best part of a wedding. Our friends and family are hilarious.

THE MARRIAGE / Marriage to me is about the promises and commitments David and I made to each other on our wedding day. I couldn’t think of a more powerful way to prove our love for each other, than expressing our deepest feelings for one another in front of our closest friends and family. Our relationship hasn’t changed since getting married, it has just strengthened it as we both know we have committed to a lifelong future together. It has given us the deepest possible trust in one another. We are now a family with our 7-month-old son, so it’s just so nice to all share our family surname too.


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