Modern take on rustic beauty – Winter Wedding with show-stopping styling!


We’ve never seen a winter wedding with this much character and modern rustic beauty! Captured by Pablo Laguia, it had everything from eucalyptus hanging on swings, mistletoe over the tables, lights of verbena, a mix of rustic chairs and tablecloths, and little gifts of hand-painted dishes and hot chocolate!

Jose & Tere thought through everything about their wedding, always asking the question, ‘is this us?’ With a unique take on what their day should be like, they thought about everything from getting ready to their rings to the ceremony! The way in which the entire wedding was going to take place had to be as natural as possible!

“We began to ask ourselves questions: if we have never worn rings, why now? If we have never liked jewels too much, why buy them? If we are not going to put them and keep them in a box, why have them? Instead, our ‘rings’ are tattoos: two triangles, one on top of the other, a reminder that two mountains together that are not afraid of the cold, two sources of energy that together are stronger.”

The way she speaks about it is with beauty and romance, a bride clearly enamored: I remember the delivery by my mother of my second bouquet becoming “the bride of two bouquets”, the simplicity of my headdress, eucalyptus vases, the hand-painted cup with cold coffee, the sound of cameras at every movement and the memory of my great-grandmother in a ring.”

If you’ve never considered having a first look, these words might just change your mind: “There my first glance awaited me with so much secrecy that it had been so difficult to keep, feeling that nature was stopping, that the trees would be the first to see us together. Only our kisses were all the words had to say.”

Their wedding reception was held inside a ship that used to be the bride’s fathers – and when they walked in and saw the gorgeous styling and florals, the challenging location was worth it for the unique and rustic beauty.

During the ceremony there were no exchange of rings but words that fill you for life: our vows with promises of chocolate and love forever. As gifts, they delivered some pots of hot chocolate, blankets for the ceremony just in case the cold made it impossible, and some Christmas balls to be present on their trees that year! We couldn’t think of anything more adorable!

We’ll leave you with this stunning film by Monika Frias and photos by Pablo Laguia.


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