Louise & Robbie: Can you keep a secret?


Don’t know about you, but we struggle to keep a secret for more than a day. And we’re talking low-grade information here. It takes all our concentration not to squeak out what happened in the final episode of our fave TV series, especially when one of us is trying to catch up on lost viewing over the net. Louise and Robbie, however, are the complete opposite–masterfully slick with a level of self control roughly equivalent to that of a ninja. They kept their engagement a complete secret for six months then married in a clandestine afternoon ceremony attended only by immediate family who were told of the impending nuptials at the eleventh hour. Other guests (close friends and caterers who turned up later on but were not present at the ceremony) were misled to believe they were attending a graduation party for another family member!

After Louise and Robbie tied the knot in a tres neue-age fashion, the close family gathering whipped out their smartphones to photograph and send away a picture message to surprise all who were expecting to walk in on a grad party. Of course, there was a torrent of phone calls and messages from Louise and Robbie’s wide-eyed friends. Come late afternoon, the newlyweds were left to enjoy the excitement and surprised faces of all their guests who continued to trickle in well into the night. The only other person in the know of course, was photographer Jess Nicholls, the ridiculously marvellous talent responsible for these stunning images. She’s really produced a lasting momento of  candid, uncontrived and radiant stills.



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