Emily + Corey


We don’t mean to alarm you, friends, but we may have just stumbled on the lord of all DIY weddings. The creativity of this couple and their family was just too stupendous not to share. Emily and Corey were hitched on their mate’s property in Brownlow Hill, NSW, under a big fig tree surrounded by their nearest and dearest. There was oodles of happy tears and a few sneaky hi-fives (we’re looking at you Corey), as they tied the knot. But let us delve into the endless amounts of DIY goodness to be had here. To start with, it’s always going to end well with a stylist for a bride. Check out some more of Emily’s work at  The Fourth Meadow. She put together, with the help of some pals, all the flowers for bridesmaids, tables and button holes, photo booth backdrop, signs and her very own (and truly amazing) brooch bouquet. Moving onto mother of the bride. Not only did she make Emily’s exquisite dress, but also all of the bridesmaids’ dresses, her own dress, the bunting, table cloths, table runners … need we say more? It’s at this point we feel we should mention the one thing the couple outsourced–with good reason! They asked husband and wife duo, Alma Photography, to do the documenting. Ain’t it something special? There’s a real frank quality to these gorge photographs that we simply adore. It’s true, honest and always rewarding. Love! 




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