Laidback + Eventful: Coogee Beach Wedding


What started out as a relaxed ceremony on Coogee Beach, turned out to be an eventful one for Alex + Helen. After an intimate ceremony, the bridal party were busy taking group shots when a huge bushfire erupted behind them. Thankfully, no one was injured, but it did make for quite the story. Despite a dramatic turn of events, this sweet couple didn’t let it get to them and their day was just as beautiful as ever. We especially love the bouquets, which the bride and bridesmaids put together themselves, using flowers from the Sydney Markets. Keep reading to get to know this sweet couple and see more of Rope and Pulley‘s stunning work.


Tell us about your proposal. Proposed to me after 11 years together in front of friends and family on my birthday. I just remember crying with so much emotion… I’ m pretty sure I said yes? Everyone loved it! He had gone over to see Dad that morning to ask him for his permission which was also beautiful.

How did you know your partner was the one? Al is the most friendly, least intimidating and open person in the world. He’s an amazing listener, born teacher and beautiful inside and out. I think we act like a mirror to each other, we reflect all aspects – challenging and nice, I think this is really powerful for a couple and for life in general and we are really lucky to have each other for this. We help each other grow individually but in the same direction.

What do you love most about your partner? There is so much I love about him! I could probably write a book on why I like and love him. I love his mind – he also loves my mind, which I then love him again for. His way of living and thinking and being in the world is admirable – he teaches me and I teach him. We are opposites, but we are opposites of the same thing, so it works. We come from very close and special families – it was so easy for me to be part of his family, and I HOPE it was easy for him to be apart of my very large family!

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? Everything was amazing and my favourite! I was the most excited and most relaxed walking down the aisle seeing Alex and all of our special family and friends. There was even had a huge fire straight after the ceremony on the Coogee headland which was eventful, crazy, lucky (that no one was hurt) and pretty symbolic of our ‘firey love’!

Describe your wedding theme/style. Earthy, natural, authentic, humble and loving.

What is marriage to you? To us, marriage is making an even bigger commitment to what we already believe is so strong between us. Marriage is being a team and being able to express, listen, share, grow and love unconditionally.


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