Vendor Feature: Weddings At Tiffanys


Because breakfast at Tiffany’s just isn’t a sufficient amount of time spent in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland, we’d suggest planning your special day there instead. The gorgeous, white painted weatherboards with clean, rustic and warm timber interiors boast the ‘open friendliness’ of the Queenslander style of architecture – where comfortable breezes meander across the picturesque dairy country and dance through the venue – as if mimicking the Sunshine State way of living. It is home to Weddings At Tiffany’s, wedding specialists with over thirty years of experience in providing a venue and unique and intimate marriage experience in the rolling, richly green hills of Maleny that stretch along to the Glasshouse Mountains and Moreton Bay. With the seclusion of their location and inspiration of the clear air that the surroundings offer, the team at Weddings At Tiffany’s will ensure that things go to plan, and that the planning process on your end is anything but arduous. From the venue, to a list of suppliers and vendors of locally sourced talent, Weddings At Tiffany’s have the capacity and the interest to ensure that your day is looked after from suiting up to boogying down in the cool evening breeze. A wedding should not be a list of to-dos when its paramount element is the love between two people, and with that in mind, their team will ensure that any list-ticking is their role, and not yours – so you can get on with the whole ‘love and cherish’ bit of the rest of your life.


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