Tahneeia + Vita


We take a look back to Issue 28 to see how an eclectic blend of bohemian and tribal influences shaped Tahneeia and Vita’s gorgeously unique wedding day. ‘Being the kicked back, chilled out people we are, Vita and I definitely wanted to do our own thing. We weren’t keen on the traditional Western-looking wedding, and have a very similar taste in style, so we opted for a little ‘hippy-ness’. Everything worked beautifully! It was a family affair – that’s what I loved so much about our wedding. I could never repay my mum for all of her help. She decorated the hall with my sister, and made the flower arrangements, my feather crown, the boys’ boutonnieres, and even our wedding cake! I was seriously blown away with how creative and amazing she is! Take a look at how this family centered celebration came together, captured perfectly by Paul Bamford.



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