Simple + Earthy Byron Bay Wedding


Earthy tones and simple decor, set beautifully at Byron Bay Farm. As always, The Wedding Shed did an outstanding job with the styling and captured Jake + Shannon’s vision for day perfectly. We especially love the striking foliage and succulent favors. Keep reading to find out all about the day and see more from Figtree Wedding Photography!


Tell us about your proposal. Jake and I were travelling through Europe for 3 months, and we happened to be in Santorini on my birthday and planned a full day beach hopping boating trip. The weather wasn’t great, meaning Jake held off on the proposal. Later he proposed to me on our little terrace overlooking the famous Santorini Sunset. Little did I know, he had been carrying the ring under his HAT for the entire day boating. It was perfect and unexpected, the way every girl dreams of it being.

How did you know your partner was the one? Jake and I are high school sweethearts. All though we have been ‘together’ for almost 9 years now, we had about a year break where we thought being with one person forever isn’t the way to go about life. 12 months later and we found our way back to each other realising we were each others person, and never left each others side since.

What do you love most about your partner? I love that Jake is always kind and accepting. He has the softest heart in the entire universe and is forever thinking of others before himself. Jake is hilarious and knows exactly how and when to make me laugh. I could list so many things about my big hearted husband but it would take a little too much space. 

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? This question was easy for me – the ceremony. Walking down the aisle with my loving father into the arms of the man of my dreams, amazing feeling. Our celebrant Cara asked us both to write down 10 things we loved about each other without the other knowing what we both wrote. This part of the ceremony pulled at all my heart strings. Jake can be shy when it comes to public display of affection and he wrote the most kind, affectionate and personal things, leaving me teary and so full of love. Then walking back down the aisle as a married couple, after exchanging vows and rings with all of the people we love around us was something we will both hold onto forever.

Describe your wedding theme/style. Jake and I wanted our style to be simple and earthy. We chose bare timber tables, clay plates, linen napkins, cane chairs and lots of foliage to create an earthy tone. I think our main aim when planning our styling was to not go over the top. We didn’t want things to look crowded or have too many elements going on at once. We were lucky enough to have Byron Bay Weddings put a few looks together after hearing what we were aiming for. I think anyone who is stuck on styling should get some advice from those who are doing it most weekends!

What is marriage to you? When contemplating this question, we found it hard to put what we feel into words. To explain it in the best way for us, is that marriage is when you are complete. When you know you have found the exact person you want to do life with forever, but also knowing completely that you are the same to them. We think marriage is a way to say that you are so utterly happy being with another person and are ready for wherever life takes you both as a team.


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