Relaxed, Bohemian Beach Wedding


Tropical and fun, this destination wedding was the ultimate beach party. Set on a picturesque private villa in Thailand, there were so many fun touches to make the day memorable, including a coconut garden cocktail hour and drinks at the VW bar. Keep reading to get to know this fun loving pair and see more from their day!

Tell us about your proposal. I absolutely love picnics, so Daniel told me he won a picnic hamper and arranged an evening (2nd September 2016) for us to go and have a picnic after work. It was ‘summer’ time in London, and the days leading up to the proposal the weather was gorgeous, however given London’s ‘typical summer’ on the 2nd September it was cooler and a little wet. Nonetheless I was so excited for a picnic, nothing was going to get in the way of us enjoying this. Daniel chose the picnic location at Primrose Hill (has the most spectacular views of London), prepared a picnic hamper with all my favourite foods and then proposed (on one knee) with a ring he gave me when we first started dating 15 years ago (of course there was a customized ring on it’s way to me) 

How did you know your partner was the one? Daniel & I have been dating for 15 years… of which 7 years we have been living together in London. The fact that I still get excited every day I see him, inspired every moment we talk, laugh with and at each-other and fall more in love every minute we spend together is always a positive sign.

What do you love most about your partner? Everything! I love waking up next to him in the mornings, falling asleep on his pillow besides him every night. Even having fun when we wake up middle of the night for the bathroom and I usually get a kiss or high 5 on our way back to bed. Daniel is so caring, determined, highly motivated and challenges me. He is my number 1 fan and my best friend.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? We didn’t see each-other 24hrs before the wedding, and that just further enhanced the excitement on the wedding day! When I arrived to the villa (YL Residence- purely magical villa) on the morning of the wedding, my heart skipped a few beats with excitement. I embraced and enjoyed every moment, from the beginning- getting H&M with my mum, sisters, mother-in-law and sister in-laws. However the excitement went up another level (I didn’t know it existed) when we were all finally dressed and ready! Both my mum and dad walked me down the aisle to meet Daniel under the Chuppah. That first reaction on Daniel’s face when he saw me will forever be savoured! And that’s where the fun started for us and our guests!

Describe your wedding theme/style. We were going for a wedding style that was able to showcase our personalities and be fun & memorable for us and our guest!  We mixed bohemian/ rustic vibe with tropical. The colour palette of the event was natural woods, green tones and golden accents with a burst of pastel colours here and there. 

Our wedding was held outside at a private villa (YL residence) that had gorgeous palm trees, infinity pool and a beach as a back drop. All of which made it so easy to achieve our wedding style.

We made sure to keep consistency throughout the various areas for the evening (ceremony, cocktail and reception area). From palm leaves, festoon & fairy lights and our wedding hashtag #OneTeamOneDream2018 (where we had personalized aprons for our waiting staff).

The ceremony took place on the garden area of the venue with a beach backdrop and that’s when our guests were first introduced to the tone of our wedding. Guests were welcomed with a custom made sign and then seated on gold chairs. The chuppah further embraced the bohemian vibe and was made from bamboo sticks, with white fabric gentle draped over the top of it, complimented with a few palm leaves and matching flowers to the bridesmaid bouquet- purple hydrangeas and white chrysanthemums. – I chose the hydrangeas as they were my grandma’s favourite flower and it was important that we incorporated elements of our grandparents into the wedding.

The cocktail area took place in the ‘Coconut Garden’. Here we started setting the tone for what was to come throughout the night with great food, unlimited drinks and a picturesque back drop (the beach and fairy lights) and the addition of a hammock to add to the theme.

As the sun set, the effect of the fairy lights, festoon lights and round lights floating on the infinity pool and lanterns on the beach were emphasized and this is when we moved guests to reception area.

The reception area had 2 long wooden tables with rustic golden cutlery and personalised menus for our guests. The tables were decorated with purple hydrangeas and white chrysanthemums (same flower combination my sisters walked down the aisle with) and some of our favourite herbs placed in pre-loved Tequila bottles and gold/black/white candle holders.

Of course we further brought to life the relaxed and bohemian wedding feel with a VW bar right next to the dance floor.

We were so lucky with the amazing photographers (Sarah Christensen & Jay) and our videographers (Andrew & Michael) who worked so well together and perfectly captured our day and the vibe!

What is marriage to you? Quite simply- being able to have my best friend by my side for the rest of my life, and growing, loving & living our dreams together.


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