Quaint + Charming: A Country House Wedding in Wales


Full of grandeur and charm, Iscoyd Park made for the most romantic day. Each detail was intimate and personal, a perfect blend of the cultures that formed them — Australian, English and Dutch. It truly was love at first sight for these two, and the whole day has captured our hearts. Read all about their chance meeting, whirlwind romance and see more from their heartwarming wedding day, captured perfectly by Shoot Me Now Films and Anna Hardy Photography.


Tell us about your proposal. Rob proposed one summer evening in Australia at one of Keira’s favourite beaches near where she grew up, we sat on the rocks and watched the ocean waves crashing against them, it was simple, perfect and will forever be a special place for us.

How did you know your partner was the one? We both knew the moment we made eye contact, after meeting in the UK, after three months together Rob who is from Holland decided to move to England and Keira who is from Australia cancelled her return ticket home, we moved in together and started our journey as a couple, both new to the UK. 

What do you love most about your partner? The loyalty and commitment we have both shown each other over the years, during the highs and lows life presents we are there for each other, we are best friends and feel at home simply being together, we also have the same sense of humour and love to laugh and enjoy life.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? Our favourite part of the wedding day was watching the fireworks (see video below) towards the end of the night, we felt content and relaxed after all the nervous, excitable feelings throughout the day. 

Describe your wedding theme/style. The wedding included a beautiful mix of Australian, English and Dutch influence. The dresses were all from Australian designers (Grace Loves Lace, Tea Princess), the groom and best man suits were from Savile Row in London, Cad and the Dandy. The grooms uncle who is from Holland conducted the wedding ceremony using Dutch and English to accommodate all the guests (especially for Rob’s grandma/Oma). The wedding party included seven flower girls, our six nieces and daughter Alba Maria, our best man and brother in law Andy, and maid of honour Sarah. Our maid of honour Sarah designed the wedding stationary, helped with styling and even transported the wedding dress from Australia to England :) The wedding breakfast included a coffee bar where Australian inspired golden milk, English tea and Dutch inspired fresh mint tea was served. The flowers included eucalyptus, white roses and white tulips. We chose Iscoyd Park due to the grand yet cosy feeling of the venue, and the fact that they love candles as much as the bride does! We opted for a wedding weekend with a champagne reception on the Friday night before the wedding, and close family and friends stayed with us at the house. The wedding was extra special as guests flew in from Australia and Holland, it was such an amazing feeling to have all of our close family and friends in one place to help us celebrate. Towards the end of the wedding night there was a firework display played to a RY X song (bride and grooms favourite Australian artist). We aimed to create a beautiful, amazing experience for our guests who have been part of our journey so far, and hope to organise another celebration for our anniversary in ten years time – location to be confirmed!

What is marriage to you? Marriage is having a person who makes you feel at ease and at home with a place, wherever you may be in the world, a person who stands by you throughout the highs and lows life presents and shows unwavering support, someone you can grow and share your life experiences with and hopefully at an old age can help you remember all the amazing and funny ventures you both encountered!   


Keira + Robert // Iscoyd Park, Shropshire – Shoot Me Now Films from Shoot Me Now Films.

And check out the whole firework display here!


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