Puppy dog tails and all things nice


What I love most about an early morning walk is the crisp air, natural beauty and quiet stillness. Actually, let’s be honest,  it’s what I think I would like most about early morning walks! The reality for me is that this stillness I dream of is more often than not broken by the sound of a baby’s cry.

If, perchance, I was out for a walk in a field or a forest in the still of the day, I would hope to stumble upon something like this dreamy scene created and captured by the incredible Jonothan DavidJulianna Koh-BlackwellBlooms by BethanLiv Lundelius and Patrick Bell (names you need to remember).

Lace, hair wreaths, delicious goodies and puppy dogs? I might leave the walking to someone else and indulge in these pics for a while longer.

Carla xxx


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