So what do we know about Emma Duckworth, other than her name is super sweet and she’s ridiculously talented? Well, she’s both English and French, grew up as an expat in Asia, and first discovered Australia when she packed her bags to go travelling for a year. She hasn’t looked back since by the way, and lucky for us ’cause she’s one fantastic stylist we would all be worse off for loosing. How does one get such a keen eye for good design? Plenty of carrot eating we suspect—that or be born awesome. Either way, Emma has got what it takes and what we love.

Take a look at some of her divine handiwork. This Spring Fresh Bridal Shower photoshoot is beautiful and with the combined talents of photographer Bridget Overell they truly have the power to make dreamy things come true. To see more, head to Emma’s blog site and click on “Lifestyle Styling” to the left.


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