M.J. Bale: The travels of a well-dressed gentleman


There is so much about Spring to get excited about; the warmer weather, the parties, the flowers and the knowledge that you’re just that tiny bit closer to your favourite end-of-year festivities. Well, M.J. Bale have given us just one more thing to add to the list and it comes in the form of their Spring/Summer 14 Collection. This incredible clothing brand will have all you gentlemanly fellows so perfectly and smartly dressed that this is sure to be the greatest Spring/Summer of your life. Expertly tailored and all about class, MJ Bale have injected their deconstructed tailoring philosophy into traditionally summer garments. Think brightly flavoured cotton jackets and trousers, short suits, open neck printed shirts, polos and swim shorts. If there’s one thing we’re sure of it’s that M.J. Bale certainly make child’s play of turning you into an Adonis.


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