Elegant City Wedding ending with a gorgeous country sunset!


This morning we shared Kenny + Phung’s gorgeous video by Burgess Video, and we’re SO excited to be sharing their photos by Gold and Grit! After an elegant wedding in downtown Melbourne, the two went to the countryside a few days later for beautiful moments under the best kind of sunset. Dressed in a stunning Helen Manuell gown, everything was perfect. We talked with the bride and LOVED what she had to say!

HOW HE ASKED // Kenny and I had been together for 9 years when he proposed to me on my Birthday in 2016. When I think back I laugh at the thought that there was so many clues leading up to the proposal, which I was so oblivious too. On June 30th underneath the clouds and pouring rain Kenny proposed at our favourite location Daylesford, where we have so much fond memories together.

HOW SHE KNEW //  I knew Kenny was the one when he stood by me after every mistake I had made. Every achievement I had accomplished and got along with my crazy little sisters. He knew how to support me in every situation. Even after all these years we have been together I miss him when we are apart and when I see him I still get excited like a little girl.

ABOUT THE DAY //  I still remember it all so vividly. The sky was so blue and felt perfect. I woke up before my alarm and ran around the house waking up my younger sisters aka the bridesmaids, screaming I’M GETTING MARRIED TODAY!!! It felt like the longest wait till I could see Kenny at the aisle that day. I had been so calm and extremely relaxed until the point where I was holding my dad’s arm about to walk down the aisle. Hands down it will forever be my favourite memory. Everyone that I loved was there for Kenny and I. It was such an honour to have our Celebrant whom married my parents 29 years ago be present to marry us. I felt like a princess. I have never worn anything so divine as my wedding dress. Overall, Kenny and I truly had the best day of our life! Till this day I cannot wipe the smile off my face when I think about our special day. I have scarring on my feet from all the blisters and grazes. I like them, as they are a reminder of all the fun and dancing I did that night!

ABOUT THEIR MARRIAGE // For my husband Kenny, the meaning of marriage is sacrificing bed space…. But for me the meaning of marriage is growing with someone and being able to share life experiences together!


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