Ana + Ivan: a venice elopement


Ana and Ivan had always dreamed of visiting Venice, joking that they would swim across if that’s what it takes to get there. But rather than taking option A, they coordinated a similar, more practical alternative for their elopement:

“That’s how it finally happened, not exactly by swimming, but by driving all night, starting at 1am, together with our photographers, the weddings dress and the suit in the back of our car … all of that so we could have the streets of Venice at dawn just for ourselves. I was putting on my make-up in the parking lot, my wedding dress in the middle of St. Marc’s Square. It was so hot that day – I was walking in my heels, and still we had the best time while capturing our love,” shares Ana.

All of that travelling, on-the-spot dressing and heat didn’t deter from the pure joy of their day. See the couple smiling from ear-to-ear in the shots below by Irina and Matej Weddings.


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