Issue 31



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The new 2016 collection starts here. We’ve taken our design, inspiration and meaningfulness to the next level. If you’ve loved white for years, you’re going to want to get your hands on our new collection.

This issue of white magazine is a curated collection of meaningful and inspiring editorial and imagery from some of the best writers, photographers and creatives from around the world.

We’re pushing the boundaries, branching out into the wild unknown territory that comes with marriage. We’re joining couples as they stare out into the vast expanse of marriage that lay ahead of them, and equipping them with the knowledge to explore this new terrain as two unified adventurers. And we’ve created so much more room to explore this topic thanks to our relaunch! We’re now dedicating more space to heartfelt editorial and inspiring photography so we can focus on the crux of why we create this passionate publication – to help couples create a marriage as beautiful as their wedding day.




What’s inside…


Editorial Contributors

  • Lisa Messenger on true human connection (Founder and editor-in-chief of The Collective with a background in sponsorship, events, PR and book publishing).
  • Choechoe Brereton on the wild unknowns of marriage (Freelance writer for Trouvé, The Collective, Alphabet Journal, Hearth, Fawn, Darling, Cosmos, The Helix, CompassionAnother Escape and Oh Comely, author of the children’s book, A House for Donfinkle, and contributor to the award-winning anthology, Sound of Silence).
  • Tess Guinery on vulnerability (One-half of the talented styling duo, The Gray Girls)
  • Erica Bartle on building a tribe (Freelance journalist and founder of the blog, Girl with a Satchel. Previously worked as deputy editor for Girlfriend magazine, and has contributed toTotal Girl, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Life, Eternity newspaper andThe Walkley Magazine).
  • Emma Plant on inner beauty (Senior writer for the blog, Girl With a Satchel, and contributor to Frankie, Yen, Good Health and the Gold Coast Bulletin).
  • Richard Miller on “the first look” (Works in Communications for a not-for-profit organisation, Compassion, and is a contributor to The Collective).


Photographic/Creative Contributors

  • Logan Cole is a Los Angeles based photographer with a heap of well-known clients under his belt, including Mary Kay, Microsoft/Flipbook, Dolce Vita, Beyonce, Sevenly, Living Doll LA and Travel Alberta. He’s also captured editorials for publications such as Rverie, Coco Eco magazine, The G.O.O.D.S magazine, and many more!
  • Ben Sasso is a photographer and educator living in the mountains near Los Angeles.
  • The Gray Girls are a creative duo who not only run an eclectic, vintage, recycled clothing label, but offer their talents in the way of flatlay styling and photography.
  • James Frost is an international wedding photographer from the South Coast of NSW.
  • Luisa Brimble is a Sydney-based food and lifestyle photographer, and founder of Alphabet Family Journal. Her work has been published in Kinfolk, Frankie, Cereal, The Simple Things, Smith Journal and more. She has also contributed to a number of publishers, such as Lantern (an imprint of Penguin Books), Plum (an imprint of Pan MacMillan), Allen & Unwin, Murdoch Books, Thames & Hudson, Random House and Frankie Press/Morrison Media.