With Love By Mallika: The Wild & The Beautiful Collection


Another romantic but yet free spirited collection filled with many WLBM’s iconic pieces, Mallika displays her craft by mixing a combination of lace, silk tulle, ruffles, pleats and textures all into one special collection. 

This collection is full of airy pieces that include an array of figure-flattering silhouettes, from a pleated A-line dress to a sheath dress with bishop sleeves, and all over beaded lace dress with delicate floral details. The collection offers an array of necklines too, from structured off the shoulder to a simple corsetry bodice to a V-neck and strapless sweetheart bodices to glam.

Mallika wanted to do different silhouettes for each bride out there in order to really answer to all of their needs. However, her vintage twist on modern silhouettes truly makes her collection stands out in the crowd. From Italian silk, vintage lace, delicate silk tulle to hand beaded details; her craft of combining modern materials has positioned her as one of the most unique designers out there.

Known for her intricate handcrafted wedding gowns, Mallika’s signature of blending contemporary silhouettes and feminine aesthetics is very obvious and bold in this collection. In many of her designs, she likes to push the boundaries of conventional pieces but yet creates the most delightful and unexpected craft of combining various design elements.

‘The Wild & The Beautiful’ offers a range of feminine, delicate pieces and whimsical gowns inspired by that raw beauty of nature and that free spirited of all beings.  Filled with organic inspiration, this photo shoot features a beautiful connection between a wild and majestic creature and mankind-truly celebrating the fact that ‘love’ and ‘connection’ have no boundaries. When traditions are broken and boundaries become blurred, your spirit can set free and be totally appealing to others. This campaign shoot embodies just that. This special collection portrays those feelings of togetherness, femininity, freedom, and fairytale fantasy, through these free spirited style gowns.

Before she steps into her beautiful dream gown, she is first clothed in strength, love, hopes and without any fear she is ready to embark on her life journey with her life partner. This is the beauty of ‘togetherness’. -WLBM-


What do I think about this Collection?

Think grace, freedom and beauty with a splash of whimsical, free spirited elegance brought together into the one collection. This collection is designed for brides who have a fresh perspective of ‘love’ and ‘connection’.

“I am constantly pushing boundaries and really design, rather than repeatedly creating just another pretty dress to add on the rack. I try to be honest to my design aesthetic and my emotions and feelings while creating a piece.  In every collection, I craved for that Art Deco aspect and timeless style but I always added that contemporary twist to it. I also feel that modern brides these days venture out for a more relaxed and unconventional ambiance but still celebrating their authentic self. Moreover, I feel that their idea of love has shifted and transformed to something greater. They wanted that modern love but only with the respect, passion, support and understanding from their partners.

The collection was particularly created for today’s free-spirited brides who evoke feelings of pure enchantment with that effortlessly elegant aesthetic.They want their personality to shine on their big day and not just the gown. I know that my job is done when my gown compliments their personality and that raw beauty from within.” –WLBM-



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