Urban + Retro: A Chicago Styled Elopement


Southern blues meets downtown Chicago in this vintage styled shoot. With rich influences from culture and a priority on quality food and music, this shoot is full of inspiration for the retro bride. Keep reading for all the details on the shoot and see how it all came together!


The goal of this shoot is to showcase the pairing of things you don’t typically associate with one another – the south and tamales, traditional antebellum decor with mid-century and modern elements, and harmonicas and hip hop. Imagine a modern day urban couple wanting to showcase their minimalistic yet edgy flair all while honoring their roots. It tells a love story through culture, depth, and meaning. It embraces two worlds colliding – both rich in history of the past and hopeful of the intentionality of the future.

Stories of the couple: This real-life couple brought both the urban edge, raw beauty and personality of the shoot. Eldridge and Anna Williams have been together for over a decade. With a love of fashion, food, and Chicago they were a perfect pair to model. Eldridge recently opened a new Wicker Park restaurant, called The Delta – bringing authentic tamales known in a portion of the Southern Delta, his restaurant brings a cultural fusion to every guests plate. The restaurant played a role in the inspiration for the shoot.

Location and venue details: The Chicago Illuminating Company is a true hidden gem in Chicago. Located in the South Loop neighborhood, this venue space is a gorgeous blank canvas ready to be transformed in a multitude of directions. The natural light beaming in from the open glass doors lining the south side of the venue creates a lit space fit for a queen. The unique outdoor space of the venue allows for and urban wedding to truly feel like guests are out of the city.

Inspiration behind the day/shoot: The initial inspiration behind the shoot came from a deep love of both the south and Chicago. It was important that this shoot provide elements of music, culture, food, and mindfulness – all from past and present day.

Music: This shoot honors the history of blues music, from its origination in the south to making an impact in the Chicago music scene. Bringing on board an acoustic guitarist adds an intimate component that blues and music in general deserve to be noted for.

Culture: From getting ready in an antebellum inspired bridal suite to a display of Chicago-made Zenith radios, touches of vintage elements graced the presence of this shoot. Embracing history and culture through vintage design paired with modernized twists created a unique and unconventional look.

Food: A southern inspired charctruterie board complete with boiled peanuts, traditional picked foods, a spin on showcasing a pineapple reflective of southern hospitality and a bar cart full of fresh tamales literally catered towards the importance of food in the design of an event.

Mindfulness: This shoot reflects a modern day couple intentional with their choices. In lieu of a traditional wedding gown, a vintage cocktail dress brings on a classy and sassy look for this fashionable bride. Gorgeous sustainable and ethically dyed silks and linens adorned the table and bridal bouquet. This shoot also reflects mindfulness in the thought out details within every area – it truly showcases what happens when a story is told through design.


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