Tasmanian Headland Engagement Shoot: Sean and Ella


Sean and Ella have been together for almost 10 years. They were engaged in Venice last year while travelling through Europe with friends. Sean proposed to Ella at sunset on a Gondola in a quiet canal. They had both fallen so in love with Venice that Ella could not imagine a more perfect place for Sean to propose!

Their engagement images were taken by Cherrie Eisemann from Acoma Photography on the South Coast of Tasmania. It was a perfect winter afternoon. The couple ventured along the coast line with the sun setting behind the hills and the ocean crashing on the cliffs. They even stopped along the way for a glass of wine and a cuddle, making the moment really special.

What have been the most exciting parts of planning your wedding? We have only just started planning our wedding and are really excited to start making decisions together. We both have a passion for design and styling so we are looking forward to creating our own wedding. We want to design a unique ‘one-of-a- kind’ event, an event that reflects who we are as a couple. I have had my heart set on a festival inspired celebration for quite a long time. I grew up on a farm called ‘Storm Bay’ on the Southeast Coast of Tasmania. It borders a beautiful secluded beach where we spent a lot of time together as a young couple. It is the perfect location for a festival celebration, while also having a lot of sentimental value to both of us. We would really love to get married bare-foot on the beach and have all our friends and family camp the night in tepees on the farm together. We are really looking forward to enjoying a party that truly reflects who we are as a couple, with all those little things we love — creative lighting, flowers, tepees, acoustic music, local food and wine, and a few yummy cocktails.

How do you think marriage will change your relationship? We have been together since we were 15 so we feel in some ways we are already like an old married couple. We know each other so well. Having said that, getting married is really exciting as it signifies the start of a whole new chapter in our lives. The words ‘husband and wife’ make us laugh a little. For us, getting married is a celebration of our relationship and the start of the rest of our lives together.

What do you most look forward to about your wedding? We are most looking forward to sharing a beautiful day and night with those who are most important to us; we love bringing people together. We are really excited to enjoy a relaxed festival atmosphere, eat lots of yummy food, drink and dance together, and see everyone having an enjoyable time. 

What are the most important things that will create a long lasting and loving marriage? We have been together for a long time, we are both 24 and met when we were only 15.  We feel as if the success of our relationship is not only attributed to a mutual trust, love, and respect for each other but also the ability to grow and change as individuals and as a couple. We have both grown and changed so much since we first met, as has our love for one another. We really value the importance of always allowing time for each other and most importantly we work as a team.

Who are the vendors that you are working with for your wedding day? We are only just starting to explore the wide world of wedding planning and to be honest it can be a little overwhelming. I have been admiring the work of so many amazing vendors lately. I am continually inspired by the work of LENZO, they seriously keep you in love with the wedding planning process. We are still however on the hunt for everything at the moment – dresses and suits, a florist, a musician/band, a marquee or tent, catering, tepees, lighting, celebrant, videographer…the list goes on!

Who have been your favourite wedding dress designers? I absolutely love white and I love lace so I am in my element searching for a wedding dress. I have been lusting over so many designers lately but would have to say my favourite labels are Grace Loves Lace, Pallas Couture, Chosen by One Day, and Rue De Seine Bridal.

What special ways do you express your love to each other? We are both easily pleased and love the little things from each other. A cuddle or a kiss, cooking dinner for one another, or taking each other out for dinner or a movie date.

What are your favourite ways to spend time together? Working as paramedics we live pretty busy lives, so we really value time to relax together. Our favourite kind of time together is a night at home. We love to cook dinner, cuddle up on the couch, and watch a movie. We also really love travelling. We have travelled a lot together and have created lifelong memories while adventuring overseas. We were engaged in Venice, Italy last year and that is definitely our most special memory. We cannot wait to do some more travelling, we would really like to have another European summer together!

What’s your relationship advice for couples planning their big day? Work together and enjoy the process. Always remember it’s your special day together. Focus on the things that make you happy and try not to stress over the little things, it will all fall into place on the day. Take help when it’s there — it’s okay to rely on your loved ones! After all, that’s what sisters and mothers and your bridal party are for, to make sure you both have an incredible time at your wedding.

What’s the best relationship advice anyone has given you? Look after each other and do what makes you happy. We both have incredibly supportive families who have always encouraged us to take care of each other and be happy.


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