Spring Nymph: Loves Me, Loves Me Not


As stylist, often the more we see, the less we want.

My vision for LA based Designer Duo Kite and Butterfly’s new Bridal Collection should be ethereal yet minimal. In search of transmitting the idea of a bride with a mind of modern romanticism in a new kind of way. Let´s free your mind and escape the ordinary with us…

Our muse as spring nymph, full of love and life, incarnates the philosophy of Hollywood Hills settled twin sisters’ brand. A divine young fresh spirit, who animates nature and loves to sing and dance, presents with beauty and caprice, passionately delicate pieces of french lace and hand dyed silk. Dresses so timeless as reminiscent of a secret garden with true bohemian chic and free spirited attitude are accompanied by floral handcrafted headpieces so extraordinary as they were enchanted by spring nymphs magic aura.

Usually known as a nereid in ancient mythology, only she knows what flower can mend a broken heart and what herb can make you to fall in love.

A barely-there glass single table and charivari ghost chairs in contemporary taste and uncomplicated aesthetic, act like chameleons invisible yet dramatic. We are in love with juxtaposition of white washed industrial space and modernism design which creates an unexpected alchemy. Styled in a fashion photoshoot setting, raw and backstage detailing is intended.

Cool textures concrete floor, hard lines and vacuous ceilings are softened by sheer linens, open edged napkins and untamed sculptural flower art.

Allowing sculptural flower arrangements to become a hero and talking piece of the table by stripping back with clean minimal table aesthetics. Simplicity, elegance and understated is the key to highlight the flowers beauty and not to overwork our concept design.

Menu cards, and vows on translucent iridescent foil as an alternative to paper for an otherwoldly approach to wedding stationery are styled against organic shaped silver-mirroring plateware, transparent accents of vintage crystal glassware and appropriate to rainbow iridescent flatware.

A wedding cake, designed with considered restraint, blending elements of  flower arrangements and a nymph as freshly printed from fashion magazine, topped by a minimalistic cake covered in silver foil with a minimalistic approach.

Moving away from the decadent floral indulgence of elapsed trends, every petal earns now its place as spring nymphs 3D flower crown.


Words by: Anna-Jill – Wedding Designer and Stylist


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