Say hello to Jordan Simek – the new face of Le Rose!


“Never become complacent, it doesn’t matter how successful you become you always have to keep dreaming up new ideas.”

This is the guiding principle that founders of Le Rose, Helen and Kristy, operate by. And it’s because of this passionate motto that they are on to their next endeavour … adding a “face” to their brand!

“Selecting a face for Le Rose was something new and exciting for our brand. We wanted the “face” of Le Rose to assist in telling our brand story and to inspire our customers and followers in how to create the perfect wedding day/event.”  Helen and Kristy sought someone who could authentically represent their brand, and who also loved what Le Rose was about. Having worked with Jordan in previous shoots, they knew that her passion, dedication and style would be the perfect fit.

“The Le Rose woman is confident, stylish, creative, elegant and so much more, all things, which Jordan represents. Jordan has featured in our recent photo shoots and we have had a great response to these images. We feel she is a relatable figure to our customers and we are so excited that Jordan is able to grow with the Le Rose brand. It is exciting to see how the partnership can evolve and where we can take the brand next.”

Needless to say, Jordan was thrilled to play an important role in a label she felt so strongly about. “Le Rose truly shows its personality through every image … bright, beautiful, graceful and contagiously happy. I love what the brand stands for and I carry similar values through every aspect of my life. I think the authenticity of our relationship is carried through our work together. Le Rose celebrates milestones with special friends and I think working with the talented team will inspire others to keep Le Rose front of mind for gift ideas for those sentimental occasions, be it weddings, birthdays or special celebrations,” shares Jordan.

Le Rose has some exciting plans in the works now that Jordan is on board. We can look forward to a Le Rose Weekday Escape coming up soon, where Jordan is whisked away to a very special and secret Australian location. “We will be creating a unique experience for Jordan to cover across her various social media platforms and create content for us along the way. You will have to stay tuned and watch this space to see these exciting projects come to life!”


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