Peep Designs



Peep Designs has a sincere passion for crafting unique and eye-catching pieces using screenprinting and digital printing. Their flair for design, and daring nature for trying new techniques means that they are equipped to cater to any couple’s style. Read on to find out more about their artistry.

What inspired you to start your business? I was inspired by the love that people have for creative products. Being able to put together something that would put a smile on other people’s faces was what inspired me to open the business. Here at Peep Designs, we dare to dream, strive to create and explore the limits of printing and design.

Who does your team consist of? Elyse: Loves squeegees and printing all things beautiful. She is our resident screen-printer with six years’ experience in the screenprinting industry. She has a keen eye for detail and takes great pride in what she does. Tiana: She is the whiz-kid; the beauty and the brains. Fuelled by the power of coffee and a sneaky Tim Tam (or 10), she keeps us on our toes and organised. She is a people lover and hence takes care of our darling customers. Not to mention she is a website guru and loves a good spreadsheet. Me (Rachel): The weird one, the dreamer. In charge of all things creative. Constantly on trend with what people love. I create the wedding suites from dreams to reality.

What services do you provide? We provide design, digital and screen-printing services. We create designs from what a client dreams into reality. We provide digital printing services with both laser and ink jet printing. With screenprinting, we dare to print onto materials that others would not dare touch, such as glass, perspex, fabric, wood and even marble.

What makes you different to others in the industry? We are adventurous and dare to try things that others are deterred by. We are interested in developing new techniques to create unique and stunning products, and happily print on a wide variety of materials. We strive to make people’s dreams a reality.

What do you love about working with couples? The best part is that we have the privilege of hearing their heart for the big day.
We get to be excited and dream with them on creating their perfect wedding.

How do you go about coordinating wedding stationery? Once a couple contacts us, we discuss with them what their dream wedding suite would look like. We encourage clients to provide visual examples of things they adore so that we can best meet their
needs. We then provide digital design mockups of each item for the couple to choose from and once they have picked their perfect design and sign off, production begins. Depending on the individual needs of the client, the production process could include digital printing, screen-printing, or a mix of both.

What will customers come away with after working with you? As we like to involve our couples in the entire design process, our customers come away inspired and full of a sense of accomplishment. And of course, a stunning, unique, and high-quality finished product!

What are your future plans for Peep Designs? I see Peep Designs becoming a creative hub for many other talented artists out there to join, partner and grow together under one huge umbrella in the wedding and events sector. I can see Peep Designs being part of something bigger than itself. It’ll be more than just creating stationery for a beautiful event— it’ll be doing so with a cause which would inspire clients and bring change to the people around us.


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