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Teresa is a talented photographer who shoots large weddings, intimate elopements, families, newborns, puppies and anything the light is resting on. Her style is based on an effort to preserve moments and tell stories humbly. Teresa offers brides and grooms from around Australia, New Zealand and beyond, incredibly candid and natural wedding photography.

When did you fall in love with photography? I fell in love with photography the first time I hiked the Fiordland National Park in New Zealand and realised that I could preserve a moment that meant so much to me. It was eye-opening to think that photography could allow me to relive the best moments of my life in detail just by simply looking back at a photograph. The pursuit to preserve moments became quite strong again when I had my daughter and I could freeze moments of her life journey.

How did you go about becoming a photographer? I spent hours and hours shooting everything I could. In my journey as a photographer I have captured everything from babies to landscapes through to events and products. My first instinct was to create. I didn’t get caught up in the technicalities of how to be a photographer, I just allowed myself to create and capture moments how I saw them. Through practising with thousands—if not millions—of images, I have learnt how to use the technology of a digital camera and the fine art of developing an image through software. My work is instinctual and tailored. I gain immense joy from just being in the moment and producing work that reflects this.

Why did you decide wedding photography was your calling? I love capturing happiness and authentic emotions. A wedding is full of these. I love the process of meeting couples, awakening them to appreciate and enjoy the art of photography. I love nothing more than the follow up after a wedding, delivering a gallery and reliving the day with my clients. I also enjoy working under pressure and getting to collaborate with so many talented wedding creatives. It also gives me the chance to be in a wide variety of landscapes, seeing this wonderful world and continually being inspired. I love that I can be in the moment, be creative and have the freedom and trust from my clients to capture their special day.

Who is your greatest inspiration and why? My husband. He has always seen me as capable. He never doubts me or my goals. He has taught me to be patient, he has made me believe in myself as a woman and he values my opinion, my voice and my interpretation of what I see around me. He has given me the ability to really see my worth and to not be afraid.

What was the first wedding you captured like? An absolute blessing. The groom was completely into the photography as much as the bride. They were passionate, open and trusting. The best first wedding gig I could’ve hoped for!

What do you bring to your photography? Dedication, passion and commitment to telling honest stories. My style is photojournalistic, candid and quiet.

What’s next for you? I am excited for a big 24 months of weddings all over Australia, capturing unique stories and sharing my interpretation. I will continue to learn my craft each and every day and draw inspiration from new couples, new places and new experiences. I am open to travelling across the globe to capture wedding stories. I encourage couples to meet me and see if we click. A wedding is such a personal experience and the photographer should be an extension of your vibe.


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