Mr Goaty


Australia’s long summers and mild winters allow for year-round weddings, and gelato eating.

It was moving from London to Sydney two years ago that inspired Chef Dan Hughes to launch Mr Goaty, an all-natural artisan gelato made with pure Australian goat’s milk.

“I grew up in rural England and Greece, surrounded by goats, drinking their milk and eating cheese. I knew how good fresh goat’s milk tastes,” Dan says.

“When I moved to here with my wife, surrounded by sunshine and great food produce I decided to give goat’s milk gelato a go. So far it’s gone really well and my passion for it only increases when I see how much people love it.”

The only goat’s milk gelato in Australia, Dan’s recipe and unique flavors like honey and lavender and cacao and coconut are proving a hit at food festivals, in shop freezers, and of course, at weddings.

“The fact that it’s goat’s milk is important to some people because they prefer it, but for most people it’s a beautiful, light yet creamy gelato that just happens to be made from goat’s milk,” Dan says.

“I love doing weddings, they’re always heaps of fun. We decorate the gelato cart to suit the wedding theme and I come up with a bespoke flavor for the bride and groom. We’ve had some amazing combinations!”


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