minimalist wedding inspiration


Flow – to move steadily and continuously in a current or stream.

A collection of frames exploring some of the basic design principles of balance, unity, rhythm, proportion and emphasis to create a space of simplicity and beauty. Wild at Heart Flowers has primarily focused the styling for this bridal shoot on the simplicity of using a single bloom on mass, to create an ethereal and soft flow from one space to the next. From installation, to cascading bouquets, to table garlands the mood seamlessly flows with one continuum of repetition aligned with the use of Gypsophelia. It’s so refreshing to be able to repurpose items from ceremony space to reception in a seamless flow of connectivity and with meaning and allow them to still hold the same ambience and finite quality of the flower.

Neutral tones of varying layers and subtle décor accents were used to compliment the simplicity of the feature flower.

The space of Vieille Branche is well known for its treasure trove of collectables and antique French pieces strewn from the roof. However, the space also lends itself to editorial use and event hire, with its bare industrial warehouse features. It has successfully established itself as a favoured wedding venue in Brisbane. We decided to pair back the space for a minimal feel whilst still exploring some of the suspended possibilities and special features of the building such as the oversized ceilings and the large central industrial windows that create the most magical light throughout various times of the day.

Amanda from Peppermint Photography has always had a natural flair for capturing both light and dark in a single frame, so she was the perfect selection for capturing the moments throughout the day. The girls wore a combination of Temple by Bo and Luca and also the standout Parisienne Gown by Bo and Luca was the perfect choice for the French inspired venue.

It can be overwhelming for brides and equally florists at times the expense and amount of florals that can mount up to a wedding day so we really wanted to pair back this feeling and showcase the beauty of just a single bloom used in a multidimensional way to create flow and sculpture to a simple backdrop. The shoot aims to explore the element of a single bloom used in various ways to create flow and connectivity to both ceremony space, bridal adornment and reception dining.

Words by Peppermint Photography


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