Why we fell in love with these photo albums, and why you will too.


We all want the tangible, and MILK books has transformed the Wedding Album experience into something that literally made us stop in our tracks. We spent hours pouring over their story – how they started, their quality and aesthetic, the humanity behind their books – and now we want you to hear it too.

This company (or should we call it a family? Because they certainly function like that!) knows how to create beautiful books. MILK was born from a family of book making experts with over HALF A CENTURY of book making experience! They hand select the best materials and design templates that all (yes all) produce stunning, contemporary layouts (which means it’s impossible to make anything other than a beautiful spread!).

We’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but story is always more captivating when told with words too, so here is what you need to know about the incredible way they work:



The founder, Geoff, said that when it comes to his books,

“It’s about celebrating life, it’s about relationships, about wisdom, about the beauty of nature and about sitting around a table with people you love enjoying good food – hopefully it’s about humanity and fundamentally about kindness.”

With this kind of philosophy behind printed books, we want ALL of them! 



They offer three ranges, so there is something for every budget – the Classic Range of books and Albums they refer to as “affordable luxury,” their Premium range of books and albums (the most popular!), and the Premium Leather Albums, which are the ultimate in luxury.

They have JUST introduced beautiful new colors into their range, which include new light baby blues and pinks as well as a deep red and navy. The majority of their range is more focused on earthy, contemporary tones that remind us of nature (we’re obsessed with the Ivory Linen and the White Italian Leather!).



Build a LIBRARY of your LIVES together with so many options! Whether it’s for your engagement, wedding, honeymoon, or your first year together (and don’t forget perhaps a gift for your family!), we love that with MILK the possibilities are endless (and always, always beautiful). You don’t have to be an amazing designer to make something that looks like it was made by professionals.



And here are just some of the specific reasons we love MILK books! Timeless design, four or six color printing, lay flat binding, subtle raised ink text (so good!), four archival paper choices and more.



If you want constant inspiration, beautiful products, deals and offers, and a reminder that the tangible really is the best, then follow MILK Books on Facebook, Instagram and check out their website.


See more gorgeous details of the books and HURRY over to their website (they’re having the most ridiculous sale right now!).


Issue 41 Out Now $15 Free Shipping to Australia