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  1. Styled Shoots

    Flying free

    The epic landscape of the Blue Mountains served as the perfect canvas for this free spirited bride and her bird of prey.
  2. Styled Shoots

    Dining in

    A worn retro diner set the scene for this collaborative shoot by Jai Long - Free the Bird Photography, and Maggie May Bridal.
  3. Real Weddings

    Real Wedding: Michael + Candice

    In what seems like an ode to Noah and the Flood, rainy weather and olive branches a symbol of good things to come in this beautiful marriage, the wedding apptly…
  4. Real Weddings

    Natasha + Martin: Autumn romance

    "Marriage means walking through life with your best friend. Loving someone who is imperfect and knowing they love you with all your imperfections too."
  5. Love + Marriage


    "The strongest marriages are built on two individuals who are intuitively in touch with their identity."
  6. News + Events

    The Bride’s Market Twilight 2016

    Set at the base of the beautiful Tamborine Mountain, the landscape of Riverwood weddings creates the perfect backdrop for the wild florals, exotic textures and eclectic elements of this styled…
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      Lola Berry – Nutritionist My favourite winter item is moccasin slippers. I spend my spare time doing yoga and swimming in the ocean. My favourite warm food is chillies; I add them to everything!...
  8. News + Events

    A Darling Affair Sunshine Coast: July 19

    Oh Darlings! The simply unmissable A Darling Affair Sunshine Coast is drawing nearer and we strongly suggest you gear yourselves into action because it's going to be a big one.
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