white offers fiancés and fiancées, brides and grooms, husbands and wives and a motley crew of guys and girls in love all the inspiration they need for the wedding and relationship of their dreams.


We occupy a niche like no other publication, with a comprehensive and authentic approach to marriage, relationships and all aspects of wedding planning. Comprehensive, because we care about the lead-up to marriage and what happens beyond. Authentic, because we figuratively cast off the gloss and get real people involved: real couples, real photographers and real designers.

Through white we offer you an incredible opportunity to engage and connect with an emerging demographic of savvy, genuine, fashion-forward, broad-thinking, fun-loving, creative individuals across a number of integrated print and online platforms. We also offer a unique, understated and uncluttered environment, giving you exclusivity and an advantage over your competitors.

our readers 

We’re proud to be a beautifully-designed, meaningful publication that identifies with our loyal readers in a way they feel truly represented. They are enthusiastic and creative forward-thinkers who live to be inspired. If the world was a giant playground, they would be the confident, enviable kids who know exactly what they want. And they are loyal, too. Our brides are searching for something fresh, unique, beautiful, meaningful and inspiring. She craves a voice that is confident and authentic without being too cool- for-school or a know-it-all. She trusts and respects our message and the messages of those we feature.

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