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White Top Venues


A premium full service marquee venue that comes to your unique location.

White Top Venues is a unique concept in the wedding and events industry. We are not another hire company nor another planning group. We are both, and a little bit more. We deliver a customised marquee venue to your unique location. Further, we create a seamless and stress free experience by assisting with the planning, coordination and execution of the day. Select from our range of premium furnishings and then allow our team to literally build the rest for you!

After working in the events world for many years and understanding the many hands, hours and resources require to execute an off site wedding, we set our ideas in motion to deliver a tailored marquee venue experience in client selected locations across New South Wales, Victoria and ACT. A venue built in different paddocks, gardens, vineyards, sheds, halls and parks each week.

At White Top Venues, our philosophy around weddings is simple; they are to be celebrated (for more than 8 hours) and enjoyed!

  • What do you love most about what you do? Our locations! We are constantly on the road, travelling the country to some incredible locations. We get to meet some awesome people and work with some insanely talented suppliers in the many regions we work in. We never see the same venue twice. Each week is new faces, new event crew and new views!
  • What is your best advice to couples planning their wedding? Enjoy the lead up! You will hear people say it goes so does and it will! The lead up should be an exciting time spent with you partner, family and friends planning the best day/night of your life! Weddings don't need to be stressful. Have trust in the suppliers you have asked to be involved in your day. Form a relationship with them and I guarantee they will work twice as hard to ensure you have the best time of your life!
  • My favourite dance floor jam is... If 'Sweet Caroline' isn't played at a it even a wedding?! We promise that if you play this song at approximately 11pm on the night you dance floor will be packed and the sing along that goes with it is THE BEST!