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White Meadow


Born from a bride’s desire to create unique quality gowns for a modern day wedding with a realistic budget, each White Meadow creation is custom-made locally with love and sold…

The team at White Meadow are on a mission to give loved up humans all over the world the best possible start in married life, that is why they create beautiful timeless designs that are as unique and stunning as the brides who opt to wear them. Our fabrics and lace are carefully curated from the best artisan mills throughout Europe, which ensures only the top quality materials are used in our range.

We found out that wedding dresses get marked up dramatically the minute they reach middlemen & mass retail stores. We avoid these things.

We offer our wedding dresses online and through our wholesale showroom direct to style obsessed brides like us. You get a quality made designer gown but you pay a fraction of the cost for it, which means you have more in your pocket to spend on your honeymoon.

We design, hand cut and hand stitch every order. It takes time. And effort.

Only a few true artists are left in Australia that know how to create dresses this way. We found them and made them part of White Meadow. 

  • What do you love most about what you do? I get to dream up things than never were, a wedding dress is such a personal thing and i'm absolutely stoked that i get to contribute to somebody's dream and hopefully enrich their lives by it.
  • Where did your passion for what you do start? My life long affair with fashion began at an early age, creating little labours of love as I spent my youth watching and learning from my favourite grandmother. Little did i know at the time that this hobby of mine would grow to become a dream come true.
  • What is your best advice to couples planning their wedding? Agree to have fun with it. Let go trying to strive for perfection, you’ll be setting yourself for disappointment. Remember why you are doing this and that it is only the beginning of the rest of your magnificent lives together.
  • What is your advice for a healthy, long lasting relationship? It's a complicated question but i'll try my best..I think you need to know what makes yourself happy and not rely on your partner for that in the first place. Then there is communication, keeping the fire alive, having fun together always, not loosing sense of self, maintaining important friendships, girl nights etc etc.