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Alana Salm from Weddings by Popular Demand is a quirky, crazy and fun celebrant. She is known for creating authentic and enjoyable ceremonies where no one is bored. Her couples…

Why hello there! It’s Alana Salm of Weddings by Popular Demand. How’s your day going? I’m a crazy and quirky chick that gets to marry people. I’m a celebrant, among many other things and my aim is to help couples break the mould and tie the knot in their own, authentic kind of way. I also have a white fluffy dog and a knack for incorporating jalapeƱos into most of my meals.

I’m a working mother and wife and I’m also super enthusiastic about collaborating with two people to pull off a truly authentic celebration. I’ve been in the fashion side of the hairdressing industry for years. Ages ago my hairdressing led me towards the wedding industry and my creative brain went bananas. I love all things weddings.

Especially cakes, styling, eating cakes, rad playlists, fun locations and the round up convos that happen afterwards. My kids are nuts and the hubby and I aren’t much better. Our dog is cute and annoying. We all live in inner Brisbane and love eating vietnamese food. Even more than that, I love hearing from couples like you who are keen to get the show on the road and get married!

  • In my spare time I love collecting... Unicorn tears and high end lepricorn footwear
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? A bossy toddler demanding to be fed and watered
  • What is your advice for a healthy, long lasting relationship? Marry the one person that you think you could possibly hate the most in the world and somehow still love them to death. Not actual death. That would be strange.. and wrong..