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Your Wedding. Your Story. Your Unforgettable Wedding Movie.

Yes, we understand… Planning a wedding takes the patience of a saint. It brings out the ‘bridezilla’ in the calmest, most relaxed woman around. With so many details to cover, minor snags to fix, and demands from the groom, his family, your family, your friends, your co-workers, and everyone in between… There is no reason brides shouldn’t go a little crazy before their big day!

And because we know exactly how much time & effort you’ve put into planning your big day. The way our cinematographers approach to capturing your big day is more intentional, artful, and story-focused.

So stop paying for a ‘wedding video’; your wedding day is worth nothing short of a masterful Wedding Movie!

At Wedding Movies we specialize in making brides cry… For all the right reasons of course! How? One-size doesn’t always fit all; we craft your Wedding Movie from start to finish to tell YOUR story and give you an incredible, personal experience when you watch it.

How will you remember your special day when it’s passed? We believe every couple should remember their wedding day in a breathtaking cinematic way. And a Wedding Movie is the only way to capture and relive the emotions, the words and speeches, the vows, the laughter, and keep them forever. Wouldn’t you want a Wedding Movie to document your big day, after all the time & effort you’ve put in?

Book your no-pressure consultation with us today! There’s no ‘hard-sell’ at the end, strictly no-obligation. But it’s definitely an opportunity you will never regret.