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We Are The Cashmans


Wedding photography that’s nothing posey, just capturing what’s real. What’s authentically you. The real laughter, the real passion. You being you.

The little in-between moments? Those are the ones worth remembering. We don’t want you to forget those because they’re vital for living. The look you give your husband or wife as you walk back up the aisle right after you both said “I do”, or maybe its simply sharing your love for pizza as you sit across each-other at that favorite local spot you go to too often (or not nearly enough)- those magically ordinary things are what make life extraordinary & you deserve to have them to share with each-other & with future generations. Always.
  • What do you love most about what you do? Can we say all of it? Honestly, from start to finish (we hate it when there IS a finish), we love it all. The initial email when we first start to get to know the couple is so exciting. We love finding out who they are, what their vibe is, what they love as a couple.

    Then the engagement shoot happens & it's like we're already old friends. It's like we're on a double date & it's the best. I think it tends to show up in the images. The couples just has fun with it. We talk & dream about their wedding day, tell funny stories, share about what they love about their partner. It creates that intimacy in the photos.

    Next comes the little emails in between the wedding mixed with some phone chats & in person meetings. This really brings our relationship further along so when we get to the actual wedding, we really are so close at this point & the bride & groom do feel comfortable having us there at every point in their day.

    Having to send off the images is always a little sad for us because we hate goodbyes. Our favorite brides & grooms are the ones who we grab happy hour or a cup of joe with after their married. Long lasting friendships rather than "clients".

    We love all of it & it's hard to pin point the "magic" moment because to us, it really all is magic.
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? Coffee. No questions. We love coffee.
  • The most romantic movie of all time is... Melanie: C a s a b l a n c a . I'm a hopeless romantic.

    Matt: Does Star Wars count?