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Urban Avenue Wedding Photography & Video


Lots of photographers bang on about candid shots, but they don’t happen without a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, genuine connection & lots of loose fun. THAT’S when the magic happens!

The thing we love most about what we do is that every wedding is a one-off opportunity to create some magic for a bride and groom. It’s a lot of responsibility and we love taking it on. Your wedding will be unique and we enjoy that creativity; even if it’s somewhere we’ve shot before every couple brings their own dimension to the day.

We’ll work with you in the lead up to the wedding to make sure we’re on the same page and there’s a plan, but on the day we let events run their course without interrupting the natural flow. We won’t push you around, if time gets away or things change we’ll make sure the things that are important to you are the top priority.

We pride ourselves on the truly relaxed nature of our shoots, we want to enjoy the day too! People always tell us that we make them feel at ease, and that really shows in your photos.

We always work as a duo – having a second shooter means we provide more comprehensive coverage of your day, capture more candid shots and can reduce the time you’re away from your guests getting photos. If you like our photos and think we sound like a good fit for your day, give us a call – we’d love to hear what you have planned.

  • What do you love most about what you do? Creating beautiful photos and capturing the candid ones that follow. We also like to show our couples some of the images as we progress through the day - it's great to see their excitement and reaction to their photos, it makes it all worthwhile.
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? Wanting to succeed in what we picture for the future, and knowing what we have built. Also a strong coffee (and my kids).
  • Where did your passion for what you do start? I had been taught how to shoot but never thought of doing weddings. My sister-in-law's photographer pulled out on her wedding day – so I stepped up. I discovered how much I enjoyed it and away we went!
  • What is your advice for a healthy, long lasting relationship? Be 100% honest with each other, don’t play silly games and above all, give each other space to breathe and have parts of your life that you don’t consume you both.
  • What is your best advice to couples planning their wedding? When you start, narrow down your top must-haves/choices for reception, venue and photographer. Once those 3 essential elements are locked in, you can relax and enjoy all the smaller details of planning the day. And don’t let it stress you out – in all honesty, once your day starts, all the little things that get fussed about are swept away.
  • My favourite dance floor jam is... Without a doubt, Jump Around – House of Pain. Gets everyone up and having fun.
  • The most romantic location in Australia is... There are too many to list! It's hard to beat the sunsets you get on Hamilton Island at the mountain peak - stunning!