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Bloom & Thyme

What is it that inspires you? Is it the scent of your favorite flower? The softness of your mothers silk scarf from your childhood? The kaleidoscope of coloured gelati from your last holiday? These moments inspire you because they evoke emotions and memories.


My goal is to take what inspires you and transform that into your special event. The entire planning process is about designing a personal look; something that is unique.
Bloom and Thyme can assist with your floral design and event styling, bringing your dream to life with advice on everything from flowers and food, to room layout, linen, paper and props.

Every detail of your event should paint a picture, evoke an emotion and capture your character. I am here to create and customize a personal event that truly reflects your personality. My goal is to take your vision and transform it into an event more captivating than you ever imagined possible.